Welcome to the 2022 WINS Symposium!

The WINS Symposium will now take place virtually on Saturday, March 12th from 1000-1700. There is no fee to attend. Registration is now closed.

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Please make sure you have updated Zoom to (at least) version 5.3.0 so you can join and move between breakout rooms during our Q&A session. If you have trouble updating Zoom or checking what version you have, you may find these instructions helpful. When you log in to Zoom, please change your name to [rank, last name, university]. For example: MIDN 2/C Knight, University of Michigan. Registrants are also encouraged to change their Zoom profile photo to their University’s logo.

Registrants who signed up prior to the February 11th deadline do not need to reregister at the link below and can expect a refund within the next two weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will join us virtually.

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How has WINS impacted Midshipmen?

“WINS is an incredible opportunity to bring together one of the strongest networks in the U.S Navy. Less than 10% of staff members of NROTC units are female; this event alone allows both men and women to network and be inspired by incredible officers that they may not be exposed to in their normal training. Diversity makes us stronger.” -Sydney Eskin, George Washington University

“Hearing inspiring stories from women in the naval service and learning their tips and tricks to navigating the field was such a crucial part of the weekend. I loved the presenters and took a lot of great advice moving forward.” -Henry Chow, Georgetown

“WINS not only taught me how to navigate a male-dominated career field, but also how to be a strong and empowering leader in general. It taught me that my relationships with my subordinates are just as important those with my superiors. It brought me into contact with officers and senior enlisted from various backgrounds who have become my mentors and individuals I look up too. This event brings midshipmen from different schools with different stories together to learn how to lead from the front.” – Alyssa Sharp, University of Kansas

Please direct general questions to wolverinebattalionwins@gmail.com!

ENS Paul Gicewicz, U of M NROTC Battalion 2019 PAO, WINS 2019 Photos